Saturday, May 21, 2005

Thought Atheism

In a world blinded under the collective glitter of thought leaders, I choose for myself the humble path of Thought atheism. In my recent opus on Thought Leadership (something that funnily has become much referenced), I had identified thought leaders as being those in the select band of gifted worthies, who spend their time researching and gaining educated insight into complex equations that power matters of huge cranial significance in order to offer superior value to lesser mortals (such as yours truly) who may be optimistically entrusted to use their limited intelligence and stand to benefit from the aforementioned matters of huge intellectual solemnity and unfathomable economic promise. (Phew, that was in fact the longest sentence of pure hogwash that I have written in quite a long while :)

Contrast this with my simple philosophy thought atheism, where the psyche remains untainted by the myriad of life's sweet and bitter experiences, pristine in its ignorance and shiny like a newly minted 50 paise coin. While it may make one sound a little pompous in a comical sort of way, it does bestow upon one the gift of non-judgementalism (look ma, I just coined a new meta-word!!). A precious gift that allows you to savour the flavour of each transaction at its own atmoicity, cherish each relationship for its uniqueness and enjoy every single bite into a cheesecake as if it were your first...

Try it sometimes ... I promise it won't hurt (frankly, I wouldn't remember if it did.) :)

Friday, May 20, 2005

Higher Purpose! Wherefore?

I remember hearing somewhere that Life is just a random sequence of coincidences and accidents. Much of earth's history appear to stand witness to this. Just imagine, if those millions of years ago a random meteorite wouldn't have stuck earth, brought about an ice age that wiped out the mighty dinosaurs, the puny mammals wouldn't ever have had the chance to evolve into, through a series of incredibly circuitous twists and turns, into us - the humans! If it were not for that wayward piece of space debris, I wouldn't have been writing this blog and you, gentle reader, wouldn't have been reading it...eerie, isn't it?

Now get this, this fancifully titled URL that ponders on the magnitude of eternal dance of creation, is just one in thousands of such websites that are hosted by this service provider, which is just one in tens of thousands of such hosting environments that abound in this world. A world that is a kind of funky maverick planet in an otherwise lack luster solar system, that centers around a mediocre sun, at the edge of a mid sized galaxy that we call the milky way, which itself it just a spec in the continuously raging pot of noodle soup that we call the universe. Artists depiction of that universe, to me, looks curiously like an egg poach.

Makes one sit back on wonder: Is what we call our universe just a side dish that is being prepared to be served at the breakfast table of someone staggeringly big dude, who just at this moment is getting ready to get to work and do whatever it is that they do in their staggeringly big worlds. Maybe what our brilliant scientific minds call the big bang, was just the egg being broken onto the cosmic frying pan :) and maybe this dude for whom this egg poach (our universe) is being prepared, is thinking of writing a blog today on whether there is a higher purpose to creation of life as he knows it. Maybe this guy deludes himself into believing that he is an unconventional thinker and is obsessed with finding the purpose of his existence in what he believes as his concept of creation. His approach, perchance, is a half hearted escapist attitude to fuel his staggeringly inflated ego into a comforting sense of pseudo-intellectuality. But one still hope in that staggeringly big universe there might have been some equivalent of our Chaitanya and Buddhas who have discerned the truth. One feels tempted to imagine that at least those big illuminated folks are vegetarian, as was Adolf Hitler. But for all you know, our staggeringly big dude's staggeringly big universe could be someone's egg poach too ;)

And now for the extreme possibility, the egg poach that I absent-mindedly pertook this morning, nodding sagely over the political news page of the newspaper, could that have been itself a smaller version of the same universe that is inhabited by those staggeringly big dudes, one of whom is probably hovering his fork over his breakfast side dish just about now!

Mundo Notion, Huh?!!!

Now ask yourself, those life problems and deep philosophical questions that you have been so agonizing over lately, are these worth the effort at all. Wouldn't you be rather out there fishing? I know I would, and I do, well kind-of!! ;). Every Saturday I buy fish from the neighbourhood fish monger. But wait! Suddenly a deep doubt assails me with tsunamic force, are fishes universes too? ....

Nah?! Couldn't be! Fishes are just too tastefully disposed to be universes or multiverses, just make sure you use the right amount of mustard!!!

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

God smiles at me everyday

I know perfectly well what God's smile look would like for I can bet that it can be no different from the way my mother smiles.

A very old Hindi movie song goes like this:
Dekha nahin humne kabhi usko, par uske zaroorat kya hogi
Ai ma, teri soorat se alag, bhagban ki soorat kya hogi --

Happy Mother's Day Mom!