Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sri Krishna

Shokhi Go, Prano Shokhi Aamar-
Aami, ki rupo harinu,
Piriti-raashero Shyam

O dear friend of mine,
What wonderous beauty it is that I have beheld,
The icon of delight,
Shyam, the the personification of love

I have grown up seeing crowds of people moved into tears by my father's renderings of Kirtans such as these. An article in The Week magazine had stated that "No one has so influenced the course of India's religion, philosophy, art and literature as Krishna". Truely, his attraction, charisma and philosophy are unparallelled, starting from the Emotional exuberance of the Bhakta's adoration of Krishna as exemplified in Radha's love for Him to the sublime philosophy of the Bhagvad Gita.

Today is Janmastami, the day of birth of Lord Krishna, who historically is said to have lived 5000 years ago. The following two article provide interesting historical perspectives of Sri Krishna:

Search for the Historical Krishna
The Legend of Dwaraka

Sri Krishna, or as we call him at home, Kanai (from Kanhaiah perhaps) as always been a constant and unquestioned presence in our daily lives. When we were young father told me and my brother that Kanai is our eldest brother who is always with us in our hearts and would never ever fail us. I believed him then and now, more than ever, I still do.

Sri Krishna Saranam Mahah.