Thursday, October 15, 2009

The World, Hope and the Festival of Lights

The old Adam and Eve story may actually have been a true one after all.

Consider this:

Why are humans so obsessed with unhappiness?
Because they think they are smart.

Other animals are not so hard to please. A fawn that just escaped the clutches of a Lion can soon be seen horsing around. And the lion who missed can be seen chasing an wildebeest.

What has Deers, Lions, Horses and Wildebeests have to do with Human happiness?
Nothing. They are introduced to show the contrast. These seemingly dumber creations certainly appear to lead an happier existence.

So the dumber you are they happier you are?
Maybe. However this is only illusory intelligence. On attaining Real Intelligence - Brahma Gyan or Divine Grace or whatever, the state of happiness returns.

So Adams and Eves fall from paradise could be likened to becoming more intelligent but at the same time loosing happiness as a constant state of mind. One mark of godliness is Bliss or
Ananda. So through the act of becoming more intelligent they also were turned turned away from the gates of paradise. They can only return when they gain true grace of god.

Why celebrate Diwali?
Because Diwali is not just a festival of lights - it also a festival of Hope. The lights represent not just the joy of Lord Ram's returning to Ayodhya but also of light of knowledge dispelling darkness of ignorance. Real wisdom dispelling the illusory intelligence. And therein lies the only hope for mankind so we celebrate this.

Happy Diwali All.