Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Brother's Wedding - Part 2

When we reached Sealdah station on the 7th Dec late evening, the episode of Kali Raatri was at its pinnacle, meaning tradition enforced that Tutu and Rumki were not to see each other. We thus bundled them into separate Taxis as we made our way to Dankuni. It was so sweet to see them wanting to see each other but not doing so till 8th morning.

8th was the day for the traditional Bou Bhaat. We had planned this to be a family thing all along. Choto Kaku, Choto Ma, Phul Kaku, Phul Ma and Mohar arrived by the first half and ceremony commenced. One round of aashirwad of the newly weds by all family members was accomplished first, followed by the rite of circumbulation of a Tulsi plant. During the process Mona also got her aashirwad and Rudra enjoyed the attention he got.

A good lunch and many a good humoured jokes later our family members bid goodbye for the day. Mohar and Debashish were to leave for UK the next day and were not to be able to join us at the reception on 9th. In the evening we had Rumki's family drop in to meet her and all of us.

Soumen the tent-guy was still at his job, readying the pandal for the next day. Mom always used to say that one our weddings she would have a traditional Nahabat gate. She got her wish in Tutu's wedding with a beautiful Red and White gate having been constructed. The pandal was nice too and I wish I had taken more pictures of that, but then it is ever etched in all of our minds.

The reception on 9th was supposed to start on 6.00 in the evening. True to our Indian tradition by the time the first guests came in it was already 7.30, though during the day Shajo Kaku, Shajho ma, Phul Kaku, Phul ma and Phuchkun had already arrived.

The first to arrive in the evening were Rumki's family, followed by Sona and Moni our sisters who also stay in Dankuni. As the evening progressed we had a full house. Though many of our relatives in Calcutta couldn't come because of the distance to Dankuni, we felt that no better place could have served better as the venue of my Tutu's and Rumki's reception. Dankuni for us, is ever associated and haloed by our fathers memories and blessings. Amitava and his catering team did a fabulous job with the food. I particularly liked the paturi and the lamb preparation. By the time the last of our guests bid us good-bye it was already close to mid-night. And as we retired back to our beloved G 8/6 for the night, we did with a feeling of contentment and happiness that a project that had been planned for so long had finally been delivered and UATed successfully.

The wedding rituals of my brother's wedding were thus successfully completed.

The next day, Pishu, Chobi Pishi and Mamoni left for home, as did Manojit. Manojit however missed his train and caught a flight in the evening. On 11th Tutu and Rumki left for Gauhati as some paperwork at Rumki's college were still outstanding and from there they were to go to Delhi on 17th (incidentally I also reached there on that day and spent a couple of days at Hari Nagar with them :-). Within an hour from when they took off, they had safely reached Gauhati where the next few day they spent at Rumki's place.

The 12th morning, saw Ma, Mona, Rudra and I back at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose airport to catch our flight back to home. As the flight took off, all of us including little Rudra dozed off to get some rest well earned.

Kanai Kanai

Friday, January 05, 2007

India Poised

The India Poised monologue by Amitabh Bachchan is a real treat to the ears. As he talks of hope and of being poised for a flight, one knows that no one else could have done such a remarkable job.

Check it out in the India Poised website.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

The ol' lady still has it folks, gotta give it to her. Going round and round the Sun I mean, lady earth has been doing it for gazillions of years and she is still at it.

Quite marvelous if you think about it, 'coz as our blue baby scampers around on her merry little way within a path that is the just the right distance away from sun she indeed makes life with it wonderous variety and richness happen. Our good ol' little earth actually reminds me of Dory from the Finding Nemo movie, singing "Keep Swiming, Just Keep Swiming", as she prances about.

Actually for her own sanity's sake I hope she is a little forgetful like our fishy little character, 'cos it must be a mighty load on her mind to digest what we humans have been doing in name of civilization and righteousness since we appeared in the scene. In my more mellow mood, I would really like to think of us humans as the clown fish Marlin, whom she is trying to help; though sometimes he acts too cocky for his own good.

And what of Nemo with his lucky fin? Nemo to me represents our own inner child, our true inner self or perhaps even our own inner divinity that we have all but lost sight in our own individual rat races through the mazes of maya.

Dory, the faithful companion then also takes on hue of a guide that has the capacity to lead a soul away from material world to tune in more to (ones inner) nature, something like the concept of Gaia in Neopaganism or our own concept of Prithivi Mata from whence all things arose.

Be is as it maybe, I am quite glad she is doin' what she is and with that dosage of random philospohical interpretation of one of my favouraite movies, -- I wish all of you a very Happy New Year!!!