Thursday, March 16, 2006

Where's the manual Dude?

The world has its priorities all mixed up!

Just imagine, every time I buy a TV (I recently bought my fourth one) the sales people hold a solemn ceremony and hand over to me the TV manual and stern directives that I am expected to read it cover to cover before switching on the damn contraption. C'mon how weird can you get!! To top it within a couple of days of the purchase, earnest looking people turn up at the door steps for a "demo". What do I look like? (OK that was not a smart question to ask, but the facts remain unchanged :)

Now get this, two weeks back we were handed our Rudra by the beaming hospital staff, but NO MANUAL!!! Neither my wife nor I know how to operate a baby yet, SO WHERE IS THE OWNERS MANUAL DUDE?? I mean the young fella still has a rather limited vocabulary comprising of gurgles, cries and grunts, so two way communication does become an issue. Why are they keeping the Manual away?

When the young guy cries, how do you make out whether it wants to be fed, needs a diaper change, needs to be cuddled and carried around? For all you know he might be trying to say that he wants to know the cricket score or feeling like discussing the intricacies of Madhava's bheda-vada doctrine. We frankly have no clue. Zero. Zilch.

So at every whimper from our little angel, this routine ensues
- check his diapers
- try to feed him
- cuddle him
- sing him songs
- read him the newspaper
- try to engage him in a game of chess
- make faces at him
- makes faces at each other
- tear out hairs (own)
- call mother, call mother in law, call neighbours mother in law just for the heck of it
- let him sing us to sleep

And the whole show starts again at the next whimper. Sweet Lord, what exciting times we live in!

I sometimes see him regarding us with kindly eyes of someone who knows that he is at the tender mercies of manual-less parents. He appears to be resigned to it in a philosophical kind of way. He smiles too :)

SO PLEASE, PLEASE if you know where the manual is, let us know!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Stork came calling ...

In life there are milestones that mark your most important moments, moments that define you as you. Mona and I encountered one such on the morning of Friday the 24th and it has truly changed us forever.

How do you explain falling in love instantaneously? Chances are, my friend, that if you are not a parent, you are not going to even understand what I am talking about here.

Kanai blessed us with our first born, a baby boy, on the Friday, 24th Feb 2006. With his coming I have been motivated to redefine what life means to me:

Life is praying to Kanai for my son and for all those I love
Life is looking at my son's eyes and just wondering.
Life is holding him in my arms and watching him sleep
Life is a the few winks of sleep stolen between two nappy-changes at night
Life is watching people go to raptures over him.
Life is creating his email id and blog space.
Finally life is the feeling of contentment that I get just by being near him.

We have decided to call him Rudraditya, the Brilliance of Lord Shiva.

May Kanai's hand always be on him.