Saturday, October 22, 2005

Oh! Calcutta

Kolkata can't be described or written about, it has to be experienced first hand. I guess this holds good for most cities that have a character or personality of their own like Bombay and New York. But what sets Kolkata apart from these other cities, I think, is that it has multiple personalities, each oblivious of the existence of the other. Kolkata is different to different people, and I feel she assumes a different guise for all who approach her. So find out for yourself, you haven't lived unless you have been to Calcutta...

This was my first Puja at West Bengal ever and my first visit back home after about four years. The place is certainly on its way back to its feet, where there used to be a pall of inactivity and decay a few years back, there is the hum of vibrant activity that gladdens the heart. Round the clock work on over-bridges and highways point to the fact that the Bengali Babu has finally woken up from a time warp.

It was a good experience going around in to the various Puja Pandals in Dankuni with my brother, mom and aunt. Did this after a long time and still love it..

If you go to Kolkata try out the Oh! Calcutta restaurant in Forum, Minto Park, if you are a fish enthusiast the food is good :)

My Best Friends Wedding

No, it is not just the name of a movie starring Julia Roberts. A close friend and colleague got married on the 16th of this month. I returned back from Kolkata to be in time for that. Best wishes to newly weds.

Winds of Change..

And finally the winds of change have appeared again in the horizon and with baited breath we wait to see what unfolds in the coming days and weeks...

Kanai Kanai