Friday, September 30, 2005

Justifying Existence

Religion, it has been argued, has been a result of the perennial question that have assaulted thinkers at all times in human history - Who am I? What am I here for? Where do I go from here?

It is not as if Religion has been the only answer to these questions, man and woman have over ages sought to find the answers in Philosophy, Art, Conquests and Love. All modes of self expression, modes of justifying existence, modes of attaching some meaning to life.

This Wikipedia link provides some very interesting perspectives on the Meaning of Life.

However beyond all such matter of the brain that befuddle us lesser beings, there are those that live the meaning of life, personify the essence of Karma Yoga and appear as beacons of inspiration. Recently I came across such a story that played out right in front of me. I just wanted share this story today:

For years people at my workplace have known Mr G, a big security guard with a wide smile, who made it a point to wish everyone who walked passed his security post with a wave. On his retirement he and his wife started serving lunch boxes to work-weary engineers at our office who didn't have time to go out for food. He never seemed the ambitious type and looked satisfied with the hundred odd customers that he had here. For the past few years, the sight of people lining up to buy his lunch boxes, that he would lug himself, was a constant fixture outside the office. All this while his cheery smile remained, though you could sometimes sense some fatigue in his eyes.

Three months ago his son joined our organization as an engineer.

There is no pride in Mr G's demeanor and his still turns up at 12.45 religiously with his lunch boxes for his loyal clientele.

Mr G is an fantastic example of what Karma Yoga stands for. Maybe he never philosophizes about meaning of life but he sure has been living it. I spoke to him yesterday while going for lunch, he is still the same cheery person I have always known him to be.

I guess some truths in life can never be taught, they are meant to be lived.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Waiting to see you...

In God's universe, souls or entities that are meant to be together ALWAYS seek each other out. Call it destiny, karma or a bond that's formed in previous births, it really happens. "The universe conspires to make it so". Wonderful isn't it...

I have seen signs of this conspiracy so often in my life. Each soul that I have been drawn to have led me to believe that such attachments could have come only through love that transcends lifetimes.

Much of my grown up life has been a search for some meaning for life..but in your presence I feel calmed and rested..I feel justified. There's so much to discover together, so much to talk about, so much to learn and so much fun to be had...

Yes, I am really waiting to see you..