Monday, August 20, 2007

Sense and Responsibility

This 15th August was possibly one of the first where I couldn't find words to write a mushy piece on our freedom. Not that I didn't try, the half written pieces and wrong starts that adorn my recycle bin stand mute witness to the struggle between my sense of patriotism and the responsibility of inaction that I can no longer shrug off. The sky is overcast and it is becoming increasingly difficult not to feel despondent.

Being ruled by a bunch that doesn't inspire confidence is bad enough. But when all propriety, justice and fair play is sacrificed at the alter of vote bank politics and appeasement, the righteous rage that storms over the proverbial drawing room tea cup, suddenly threaten to spill over. Every single vote of an educated Indian that was not cast out of apathy scream out together in a mocking laughter. "You brought this to yourselves," they thunder. But the ears have long since gone deaf.

"Apna visa mangta hai boss, dollar mein kamane ka. Duniya jaye tel laane..."

Meanwhile, the earth, no longer able to contain the mistakes of the polluting bipeds that inhabit it, is slowly but surely boiling over. Rising temperatures, melting glaciers and oceans on the boil cry out in desperation - "Slow down, slow down...". Again the deaf ears fail to hear. The ghost every felled tree and poached tiger wait silently for the retribution that approaches fast.

The climes of the world affairs hardly seem any better. The world continues to be a scary place. Fundamentalism and war mongering shows no signs of respite. As the body count increase across the globe, the plaintive wail of a forgotten concept called -PEACE, remains unheard, unanswered. Hunger and homelessness persists, but the money has already been burnt away in wars and is long gone...

What could I write about then. And frankly who would care! We have long since donned our blinkers and ear-plugs. Do we dare to take them off, do we dare to take some responsibility, can we plan something tangible, even if it is casting the educated vote in the next election?

Jago Mohan Pyaare. I implore. But I wonder if you hear me either...