Friday, March 26, 2004

Brightening Up

I feel after having aired my dark thoughts, some brightening up of my blog space is in order. So here are a few sayaris that have in past brought out smiles. None of these are mine but are worth recounting any way :)

This one is on omnipresence:

Idhaar bhi khuda hai,
Udhar bhi khuda hai -
Jidhar bhi dekho
Khuda hi Khuda hai

Jidhar nahin Khuda hai
Udhar Kaal Khudega

-- Courtsey Bangaluru Municpal Corp.

This one is on the will of the real man

Khud Ko Kar Buland itna
Ki Himalay Ki Choti pe Ja Pahuche
Aur Khud Khuda Tujhse Pooche --
Ab be Gaadhe aab Utrega Kaise?

And Finally this one is on undying love:

Koi Pathar se na maare Mere diwane ko
Koi Pathar se na maare Mere diwane ko -
Nuclear Power Ka Jamana Hai
Bomb-se uuda do Saale Ko.

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